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my inventory change shape when i change resolution .....


Hi chris
have this trouble can you help me ?
how i can keep shape my inventory like  “iphone wide” ?


  • Is this "shape change" to occur in-game?  (As in, while playing you can tilt the iPhone and have the menu re-adjust itself)  If so, it would require two menus: one for wide, another for tall.  A custom script would check the iPhone's state (tall or wide), and lock/unlock each Inventory menu accordingly.
  • edited May 2014
    no no
    this is like, when i build for iphone5 wide
    resolution is :16 :9
    but when i change device ipad wide
    resolution is : 4:3
    it look like tall little bit!

    it is trouble when you build with other mobile phone you know ?
    i think have some thing wrong ... with auto scale of menu
  • Patience, please.  I understand the problem, but it takes time to rectify.
  • yes thank!
    i will wait a new fix on next version update
  • Added to 1.33: "Absolute" size setting for Menus and Elements - use to set them to exact pixel sizes.  You'll want your Elements positions to be set to "Relative to Menu size", too.
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