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NPC Follow

Anyone tried "npc follow" feature?
I would like to use it, for a kind of companion. And it works, but screen freeze sometimes, like on this video: npc_follow_bug

I modified "update frequency" "min/max" distance", but this is the same at the end.
Ok my computer is not very powerful (laptop i7, 8go memory, geforce 610m), but everything works except this feature, so why?


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    It could be related to how many vertices your NavMesh has.  Increasing the update frequency would be the best way to reduce slowdown, but unless it's really small (e.g. less than 0.5), I can't see how it would cause problems.

    Try ramping it up to something really high (e.g. 30) and see if that improves things - at least then we know more about what's causing it.
  • Ok, thank you :).
    It still strange in unity with 30 or any other number, but when I build, with "update frequencey=1.5", it's better (and this is the most important of course). (it was on "0.8" before)

    I tried to reduce the number of vertices (not too much because the background is complex). So I don't know what is the real issue. Maybe a combination between navmesh+update frequency.
  • If it's still giving problems at 30, there's something very odd going on.  You're sure that this Action alone is causing the slowdown?

    How many vertices exactly does the NavMesh have?
  • There are 46 vertices. Like I said, it's better with 1.5 and any number over, after checking again (in unity and really better when I build).
    There is a trigger at the entrance, and the game freezes the first time when you're close to the entrance. The trigger activates an animation, nothing more.

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