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Feature request: "Reset to Idle" option when playing one time animations

edited February 2015 in Engine development
Hopefully this is a simple request, I have a lot of instances where I'll play an "activate" animation or something similar and would like the character to reset to idle immediately after playing this animation. I realize that I can just use a "character: animate" action and set "reset to idle" but for some of these animations I do not use "wait until finished" because I need other actions to be performed during the "activation" or what have you, and this can make the timing for resetting to idle rather difficult. 

Therefore, would it be possible to add a check box after any "play once and clamp" animation for resetting to idle after the animation finishes? Or alternatively I suppose "play once and return to idle" as one of the play mode options? Thanks.


  • Don't forget about the new Engine: Run in parallel Action - with that, you can create a separate branch of actions (use the ActionList Editor window) that run independently.  You can therefore have your animation actions run separately to the others.
  • Good point, I guess that should work pretty well. Thanks.
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