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[SOLVED] Different interactions based on state (bool variable)

edited March 2014 in Technical Q&A
I have an asset that has two states: stand and toppledOver.
If state is stand, I would like to do a camera switch.
If state is toppledOver, I would like my Player to say a line.

Created a bool variable toppledOver and on Use-Interaction I do a Variable:Check. But I only get very limited options based on that check: "Continue", "Stop", "Skip" and "Run cutscene".

How do I change the Interaction based on the state of my asset?



  • It's the actions that come after that determine what happens.  Try this: create two Dialogue: Play speech Actions immediately after the Variable: Check action.  Set the first speech action to Stop after running.  Then go back to your Variable Check action, and set the True option to Continue, and the Run option to Skip (and the Action to skip to as your second speech action).

    This way, the first speech action will run if the variable check is True, and the second will run if false.  For an example in the Demo game's Basement scene, have a look at the Use interaction for the Canvas.  At first, the robot will try to lift it up, but doing it again will result in a speech line.
  • Very helpful answer as always. Now I understand much better how the system works.
    Thank you for being so friendly and so willing to help!

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