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How do i get the X and Y coordinates of the player and a NPC within the AC environment?

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Would like to get the point that the user clicked for the player to go to in a scene and the current point that an NPC is standing within AC environment. Any help?


  • Provided you have a Paths component attached to the Player prefab, this will get you the end of the Player's path:

    if (GameObject.FindWithTag (Tags.player) && GameObject.FindWithTag (Tags.player).GetComponent <Paths>())
      Paths p = GameObject.FindWithTag (Tags.player).GetComponent <Paths>();
      if (p.nodes.Count > 0)
        Vector3 playerTarget = GetComponent <Paths>().nodes [GetComponent <Paths>().nodes.Count - 1];

    And to get the position of an NPC (set to the public variable myNPC):

    Vector3 npcPosition = myNPC.transform.position;
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