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Best Way to Shutdown a Trigger with no Lag

Hey Chris,

I updated to the most modern patch and had a system where stairs would appear once you walked down a hall with a couple of triggers. I had it so they would destroy themselves in their interaction code. First, the cutscene would occur that dropped them, then they would remove themselves in the trigger action list. Now, it won't let me destroy them this way. 

What's the best way to have a trigger shut off so it can't be used more than once.

I tried sending a message to turn off/kill and it lags out, and then catches up.

Thanks so much,


  • I personally dont use triggers but I "Believe" attaching Remember Trigger would do what your after.

    Turn it off and it should remember itself for save/load.
    Thats all I have done for Hotspots.

    Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you. The lag out and catches up kind of lost me.

  • The lag out was my fault code-side, so that's not a problem, my additional question would be, what's the best way to have these states saved in a saved game?
  • Thanks rgdyman, I'll try it.
  • Remember Trigger should do the trick.

    Remember HotSpot saves itself when I use Remember HotSpot
    so I assume its the same thing. I might be wrong though.

    attach a Remember trigger and do a quick run through to verify.

  • Yes, RememberTrigger is used to save the state of a Trigger.

    And to disable a Trigger mid-game, send the "Turn Off" command to it using the Object: Send message Action.
  • Awesome, thanks Chris!
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