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Prefab with action list does not store the configuration


I have a prefab trigger with "Engine - Run ActionList" that uses a ActionList asset with 3 parameters and a ConstantID script.

The problem is that the prefab does not store The action type nor the ActionList Asset File.

The expected behavior is "only configure the parameters of the ActionList"

I think this is a bug




  • You can't prefab any scene-based ActionList (Cutscene, Trigger etc) - Action's won't survive.  This is a limitation of Unity's handling of ScriptableObjects, and beyond my control.

    If you want the Actions references by such a list to live in an asset file, you can still do that - just change the Actions source popup at the top from In Scene to Asset File.
  • Hi Chris, I'm already doing that storing as an a Asset File. For what you're saying I thing I can't do more from the point of reusability I have. It's a pity, since I think it should have one step forward.

  • One step forward, as in what?  When it's possible to do so, I'm always open to suggestion.
  • Hi Chris, maybe I didn't express. I only was stating that it's a shame we couldn't make anything. Maybe the right way is make a custom action by my side, something that I'm investigating right now. Sorry If my phrase would make you think that I was expecting more.


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