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Is AC Unity 5 compatible?

Hi, I'm suffering some strange things in Unity and I'm trying to reach to the cause of the problem. I have several assets and would want to know if AC could be the problem.

Is AC Unity 5 compatible? If not when we could expect a new compatible versión? and what kind of things could we expect to see due to the incompatibility?



  • I have broken through a few AC Unity5 issues, if you explain them maybe I can help . Ultimately AC works fine on U5, but there may be a weird clash somewhere. For me unity went very slow, or took a long time to start up, or had weird symbols that slowed things down etc. I also had some scripts to sort the hierarchy that went bad and the whole hierarchy window was failing to draw etc. 
  • The main thing is objects not appearing in scene view, and a red console error showing n times (I don't have right now the text of the error but next time I'll copy/paste here), so I had to remove all cache and rebuild all. AS I rebuild all things are ok again, but as I work things comes weird again.

    But as I have several assets, maybe is not an AC issue, as I stated before. For that reason I was asking if Chris could let us now if there's a official support and if 1.42c is battle tested against Unity 5

    Thanks radiantboy for your comment and info.

  • 1.42c was tested with the last release candidate for Unity 5 that was available at the time.  1.43 will bring a bit of a performance boost, but I can only rely on error reporting to really make it perfect.  My own tests have come out fine, so if you have a specific error appear, please let me know all about it, including the steps to recreate.  I'm intending for 1.43 to make AC as stable and bug-free as it can be.
  • Thanks Chris,

    I'm investigating the problems, and it seems Unity 5 could have part of the problem itself when running on OS X (as this is my case). And I read somewhere soon they'll release a patch to solve some issues. As well I'm using more assets, along with AC, that can be part of the problems I'm facing. So it's a matter of patience as different releases start to flow making all products more stable.

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