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Feature request: Pick a line randomly from a set of (default-)lines

edited March 2014 in Engine development
Hi Chris,
in one of your tutorials you describe the possibility to have the Character say something as default, when no interaction is defined. Because this will happen quite often in the course of a game, it would be really great if it would be possible to define multiple lines and the engine chooses one randomly.
For example, if in the tutorial the robot would try to use the sword on the panel several times, it would be nice, if the game would respond differently, e.g.:
  • "I can't use this on that."    on first click,
  • "I cannot do that."    on 2nd click.
  • "That doesn't work."   on 3rd click
  • "No way!"   on 4th click
  • ... and so on.
That gives more diversity and is more interesting for the Player. In fact I would like to be able to define multiple lines not only for the default but for every "Examine"-action and inventory interaction.

In the inventory interaction default, it should be possible to name the inventory object and the target object. Instead of just saying "I can't use this on that." it would say "I can't use the sword on the panel.".




  • You can already do this with variables: create an integer called LineNumber, the value of which determines which line is spoken.

    At the start of an ActionList, you can either increase it's value by one, or set it randomly (in fact, you can call an asset-based ActionList with the Run Actionlist action that handles this every time - just set it to run in parallel, and pause until finish).

    Then just use the Variable: Check action to give a different response based on LineNumber's value.  I'm working on an upgrade to the ActionList editor window that should make multiple Variable: Check actions much easier to follow.
  • Thanks for the answer, Chris.
    Do you have an idea about my second topic, too ("I can't use the sword on the panel.")?
  • Sorry - missed that.  Per-inventory item unhandled events are a planned feature for the next release.
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