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Using Adventure Creator with Playmaker

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I would like to use the power of Playmaker with AC, anyone with experience in that? Are there conflicts or other important factors that make these two assets work together? Will their cooperation make a project confusing (development wise) ? 

and a request if they work well together can we expect a tutorial @ChrisIceBox?

Thanks for any help


  • I'm a fan of Playmaker, I used it before in a non-AC project and it sure beat coding. I tried to integrate it once with AC and it's not bad, I didn't get very far because I wanted to use it for the dialogue system but I found Dialogue System For Unity to be a better match with the workflow that I wanted. But that said I like how Playmaker exposes all the possible functions you can call on a script so you don't have to dive in and figure that out yourself.

    I had some issues removing PM from my project again so be sure that you want to use it (or at least make a backup of your project) before you import it.
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    Well you can call a PM event (that's under third party actions I think in the list in making a cutscene/action) straight up

    or read a PM variable by making one in global and a global variable in PM.

    Also you should require this fix right now to even make it work because of prior update issues:

    "Will be corrected for 1.34, but in the meantime you can fix this
    yourself by opening up PlayMakerIntegration.cs and renaming every
    instance of RuntimeVariables to GlobalVariables."

    But anyway yes if you have something you envision to create in PM that AC doesn't do -- (and there's lots of course because PlayMaker is basically just most of the unity scripting put into another form) -- then integration is pretty good at this point.
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