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Request: Ignore Gravity also sets kinematic/collider trigger behavior

For some cases when you want the player to ignore gravity, it means you want them to move around manually, such as for flying or special abilities.

Therefore, it seems like there should be an option to also set kinematic and collider trigger settings when you enable/disable gravity for the player. That way you could switch between a player that walks around with physics and one that flies around and can go through physical objects.


  • I'd also like this function. I've been using a "dummy" player character with the kinematic setting checked to accomplish this effect- in my case the character rides on a horse and is parented to the horse.
  • A custom Action could easily do this, but it wouldn't be so easy to have the state stored in save games unless I did it.

    It seems like the Player: Constrain Action could get quite cluttered, though.  Are there any ways to streamline this?  Collision and Gravity seem pretty independent, but would you ever want to just change Kinematic by itself?
  • Thanks Chris. Yeah we do have a custom action that already takes care of this, but there's the save issue, plus we're already using Constrain in places and it just seemed to make sense as part of it.

    For us, the two go hand-in-hand since whenever we move the player around manually, the capsule often partially goes through other colliders.
  • Are you aware that the 1.42 release introduced custom save hooks for saving global (e.g. player) data?  There's a handy tutorial about it here.
  • Oh cool, this is great, thanks :)
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