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Disable Gravity

I am getting this error while trying to disable gravity during a specific animation.

'Kiba' AnimationEvent 'DisableGravity' has no receiver! Are you missing a component?


  • If you're trying to use AnimationEvents and a custom script to do this, this error is likely because the function can't be found on the Animator gameobject.  Search the regular Unity forums for previous issues with this.

    However, you can also use the Player: Constrain action to enable/disable gravity within AC.
  • That was is the error when using the Player : Constrain action. :/
  • Screenshot of the Action and Player inspector, please.
  • I'm also having an issue with retaining the bone transforms when I want the character to hold an object. I had it working before, and recently updated the character model. Now when I assign the bone, it unassigns the bone when I create the prefab in the 'resources' folder.
  • Are you relying on custom code anywhere?  There's no "DisableGravity" message or function within the whole of AC's source code.  Though if it's referencing an AnimationEvent, there may be something within the Animator component.  Have you created an Animation Event with that name?  I can't see another explanation for it.

    The bone transform update issue is bugfixed for the next update.
  • You were correct - I totally forgot I put that animation event in there... they are so hard to see! 

    Thanks again!
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