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Version 1.28 now out

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Upgrade notes: Conversations - Replaced "Return to conversation?" checkbox with "When finished" popup - please update your conversations
  • Added: Dedicated forum!
  • Added: Conversation Editor - open from Conversation Inspector, use to more easily map-out dialogue option connections
  • Added: Ability to set the next Conversation to run after a Dialogue Option directly in the Conversation Inspector
  • Added: New dedicated toolbar menu - also contains links to online resources, and buttons to quickly load demos
  • Added: Copy and Paste buttons for Menus
  • Added: Mouse-locking option now works for Drag, First Person and Direct movement modes - use ToggleCursor input axis
  • Added: First Person games now begin in free-aim mode, not Hotspot-select mode
  • Added: Warning message to Scene Manager if no Settings Manager is present
  • Added: Ability to collapse gathered lines in Speech Manager by category
  • Added: Option to reset all line IDs in Speech Manager
  • Added: "Create script sheet" feature in Speech Manager now presents a save-file dialogue before exporting
  • Added: Option in Cursor Manager to change cursor to an icon when hovering over inventory items (Context-Sensitive mode only)
  • Added: Ability to choose having single or multiple Inventory Interactions for ChooseInteractionThenHotspot mode
  • Added: Ability to set fixed angle when a Third Person GameCamera's pitch is locked
  • Added: Third Person GameCamera can now be used in scenes without a GameEngine prefab
  • Fixed: Menu Elements with relative positions being reset when the game begins
  • Fixed: Display issues with Inventory items when shifting through an InventoryBox menu element
  • Fixed: Deselecting an Inventory item over a Hotspot also triggering the Hotspot's Examine interaction
  • Fixed: Cursor icon not being reset when Conversations or pausing Menus begin in Choose Interaction Then Hotspot mode
  • Fixed: Not being able to delete a variable if it was the only one defined
  • Fixed: "Move speed float" for Mecanim-based Characters now follows same acceleration/deceleration rules as movement
  • Fixed: Action labels in ActionListEditor window obscuring Action number if too long (properly this time!)
  • Fixed: Click marker not being instantly removed if a new one was instantiated
  • Fixed: Characters having their pitch affected when moving along Paths with "Override gravity" checked
  • Fixed: Errors with keyboard-controlled Menus during Conversations
The biggest feature this time is the new Conversation editor window:


It's a bit of a compromise on both sides - on the one hand, you want to be able to view and quickly edit individual dialogue options and trees, but on the other, I don't want the core conversation code to change and hence mess up people's already painstakingly-laid out work

The way this editor works is: you click on a conversation in your scene, and the window displays that conversation's dialogue options. You can click on the "Interaction" boxes to quickly select each ActionList - yet the Conversation window remains the way it is. The one change you will have to make when upgrading is to set the new When finished variable. This replaces the current Return to conversation? checkbox, giving you the extra option to run a new Conversation (without the need to run a Run Conversation Action).

Clicking on the new Conversation box (to the right of the screenshot) makes that the new active one in the editor, but the last-selected one appears as a "quick-select" button, making it easy to go back-and-forth. It's not quite nested trees-within-trees, but I've tested it out and it's still a lot easier to make sub-conversations.


  • Impressive stuff as usual! That conversation editor will surely come in handy.
  • Thanks so much for this great update, Chris!
  • Absolutely brilliant! The conversation editor is a God-send. Amazing. Thank you SO much for this tool, this is stunning work :)
  • Very glad to hear it!  A better conversation editor was a request for a long time.  I'm just glad it didn't involve people having to re-make their dialogues after the update.
  • edited March 2014
    Thanks for the update! But unfortunately I can't build projects now. I get lots of compiler errors, starting with these ones:
    Assets/AdventureCreator/scripts/managers/SpeechManager.cs(1135,21): error CS0103: The name `EditorUtility' does not exist in the current context
    Assets/AdventureCreator/scripts/managers/SpeechManager.cs(1137,48): error CS0103: The name `EditorApplication' does not exist in the current context
    Assets/AdventureCreator/scripts/managers/SpeechManager.cs(1143,46): error CS0103: The name `GetSceneFiles' does not exist in the current context

  • Hi Guran, you may need to reinsert your manager files under each tab of the adventure creator menu/pane
  • Thank you for the suggestion deadpixel. I've tried it, but it didnt work for me I'm afraid.
  • There is definitely something wrong with the new functionality to reset line ids in the Speech Manager. After I've commented out the ClearList and ClearLinexxx-functions I'm able to build my project
  • Whoops!  Really sorry - I always try to test publishing before each release, but the one time I forget..

    This might be easy to fix, but it's a bit of a showstopper.  Expect an official fix shortly.
  • Thank you! I hope I didn't come across as being sarcastic, you're doing a great job with this asset. As many other users here I really appreciate the new Conversation editor.
  • You didn't - it was a problem I needed to know about straightaway, thanks for letting me know.
  • edited March 2014
    Great Job with the conversation editor, Chris. 
    As it is though I feel it's not very useful. To see only the first options of every conversation kinda defeats the purpose. If anything it would be handy if we could "Toggle on" the options of the next conversation, so we can see all the ramifications in the same screen.
    Just my suggestion. 
  • Well, you can still get to "secondary" options quickly: If an option leads to a new Conversation, then you can click on that Conversation window box to view that instead.  It then provides a new button to quickly go back-and-forth to the previously-selected one.
  • edited March 2014
    Yes, played with that a little bit. It's handy but I think it still could be improved if conversations could be shown in one screen. Not trying to devalue what you did or anything. Just thinking that this is the behaviour one would usually expect when looking at a  graph of a conversation, being able to see where all branches take. 
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