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Feature request/is this possible: Walking onto hotspots

edited March 2014 in Engine development
I'm trying to create floor tiles which can be examined but also walked upon, but I'm noticing that having a hotspot on a floor removes the ability to click the walk cursor onto the tile in the choose interaction then hotspot method. I assume this has to do with the raycast being detected by the hotspot instead of the navmesh. 

Is there currently a way to get around this or does it need to be added? Is it even possible to be added into AC in a later version?


  • I imagine you'll have better luck separating the two - try creating a separate Hotspot just above the floor.
  • I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Below is an example of my scene.

    Just for clarification, I'm using the choose interaction then hotspot method and also using the unity navigation pathfinding method, with navmesh segments.

    Whenever I try to put a hotspot onto a floor object, I cannot walk onto the hotspot area, which in this case is most of the floor. Moving the hotspot to be above the floor doesn't help- the floor/navmesh segment still does not detect the walk cursor being used, only the hotspot is being detected. Is there any way around this? Or is there something I'm screwing up here? Thanks.

  • How about if you move the Hotspot beneath, instead?
  • That's how I had it before, and the navmesh still isn't detected, only the hotspot is. Is this a bug then?
  • Must be!  Sorry about that - will be fixed for 1.29.
  • Great, thank you!
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