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Deactivate automatic scaling

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Is it possible to deactivate the auto-scaling to emulate depth effect - I'd like like the character to move between x/y-axis without changing it's size like in a normal Jump'n'run.


  • It would help a lot if you can include few details about your project and as how your using sorting layer.

    Suggestion 1
    Im assuming you are using 2d-Topdown workflow. If so, your out of luck and the only way you can over comethis problem is to check your project as if you can simulate the 2d-Topdown structure with other 2d views which will not restrict your character to strict 2d plain.

    Just like in the 2d demo, you can create a 3 dimensional scene with 2d sprites, giving the 2d topdown illusion. The only thng you need to really pay attention is whether you can create a good nav mesh which will fit your bg floor.

    Once you do that, you can "jump" (is there a jump in AC?") and move up the stairs in front of the scene without having your character getting scaled.
    Suggestion 2
    There was also another topic on the matter which Chriss has provided an alternative solution to what i'm suggesting.
  • Hey,

    thanks again for the tipps, will check them out  In this concept I am working on a robot is harvesting different diamonds inside a cave and is able to fly around within the x/y-axis to get those diamonds even from the roof or the walls. So in this case no scaling will be necessary for the y-axis...
  • Just found this video to demonstrate what I mean: 

    Here Guybrush is not scaling when moving within y-axis.
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    ok, just like i've mentioned in the previous topic. Use sorting layer but keep the  "End Scale ( % )"  as "100"  or what other size number you find suitable.  If all your sorting positions have the same  % than your character wont resize.

    Give it a try, it will work.
  • There is an option within the sorting map options to handle the character's scale - if you turn it off the scale keeps at 100% - thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
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