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Feature request: Search for Action/Action type

edited March 2015 in Engine development
As our project continues to mature, like Daniel here I've been itching to move stuff more into code as well. I've been wondering why that is, and I think it's because AC lacks some debugging tools that are quite badly needed.

For example, there's no way to search for a specific Action in a scene. I'm often asking myself "Where among these 20 Cutscenes and 15 Interactions is that one Action I'm looking for?" Currently the solution is to type 'actionlist' in the Hierarchy window and start going through them, which is a pretty time-consuming solution. Or another use case would be changing the implementation for all uses of a type of Action, which I've had to do several times lately.

Some debugging tools would be nice as well, but this seems like a good thing to have before getting into debugging.


  • As part of 1.43, I've been improving the Actions Manager to let each Action be expanded to bring up a list of info.  A "find instances in scene" button would be a good fit there.

    As for changing the implementation for all uses of a type of Action, and this is just an aside, but using parameters might be a good way to go.  With them, you can create ActionLists that perform common tasks but with different fields.  Then if you want to tweak the task, often you can just change the one list and have it affect all the times you call it.
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