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Setting for disabling click-to-stop-walking with WalkToMarker?

edited March 2015 in Engine development
It seems like clicking is stopping the player from walking to a marker. Is there a way to disable this? We disabled this ourselves previously, but I'd like to not have to change AC code for it.

I bring this up because we noticed a lot of players early on would either double-click slow enough to stop walking right away, would click by habit because they are "click happy", or would click somewhere else as they were approaching their destination and we had a trigger at the destination that wouldn't be triggered.

I'm guessing this behavior is part of a different interaction style than our "hotspot-based first person" style, but was left in for first person as an assumption. I was hoping there was a setting for it somewhere, but I'm not finding it.


  • This belongs in Technical Q&A, but in your Hotspot's Inspector, each Interaction panel has a Cutscene while moving? checkbox.  Enabled, it'll put the game into a Cutscene state, to prevent cancelling the interaction by movement or other interactions.
  • Thanks! I wouldn't have thought those were related, but I suppose that makes sense.

    So does this affect the entire game? For example, let's say I have implemented a background event on a timer that loops when it gets to the end of the list. The list is set to Run In Background. If I check that box, will that list still continue to loop in the background?
  • Yes - the option only affect's the player's ability to make further input during that time.
  • Sweet! That's exactly what I need, much appreciated :)
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