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Loading Saved game causes "static" Camera instead of "track freedom". And few other minor problems

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  1. I got one scene with GameCamera has track freedom and "Target Object to Control Camera Movement" as "Target is Player"

    This scene is the first scene in the game and it works prefectly when game starts. As character moves, so does camera.

    i save the game in this scene and reload this scene, the camera is
    stuck in the middle of the scene (instead of the portion of the scene
    where the player character position is saved) and it doesnt pan any
    where at all.If i manage to chamge scene (i can see a portion of the
    door where character can change scene) and come back to same room, then
    the game camera works properly.

    Edit: I've build a web version
    and at the web version when game is loaded from a saved game, the camera
    seems to zoomed out to get all the scene.

  2. When i save
    game, the menus seem to disappear. This is not happening when i load a
    game but spesificly when i save the game. And rest of the game (no
    matter if i change the scene or not) the menus do not appear to load.

    I've included a cutscene with menustates changes to Turn on at "Onload" in the scenes but it didnt work either.
Thank you


  • 1) Please post a screenshot of your full GameCamera inspector.  Do you have a ConstantID script attached to it?  You need one on any GameCamera that can be active when saving.

    2) When you save the game, the Save menu will turn itself off.  Currently there's no way to do anything else after this - the Demo menu gets around this by keeping it's in-game menus on "During Gameplay", while the Pause/Save menus pause gameplay.  Are you manually turning off your in-game menus in order to display the save menu?
  • 1) I dont have any constantID on cameras. I'll add them now.

    2) As for menus. Currently all my menus are manual and called in and out by running actionlist. The main reason for this is due to fact we cannot disable in game cameras and i have an intro screen which i dont want to show game menus. There are other parts in UI where i want to hide the menu buttons forexample when journal page opens and etc.

    As for the screenshot, here it is

  • Does the camera work correctly now that you've added the ConstantID script?

    The next update of AC will allow you to run a Menu ActionList upon saving, but don't forget that you can also lock and unlock individual Menus using the Menu: Change state Action.  This is useful when you need to disable Menus temporarily when they might normally be displayed.
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