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Camera: Split-screen vertical and putting main camera on right

Is there a way to put the main camera on right. I want to make it the one that responds to clicks, etc. Currently, if I leave the "Main camera on left?" box unchecked, both cameras move with my first person controller. If I check it, then it obviously does what I'm looking for, just backwards. Thanks for any advice. 


  • The idea is that leaving it unchecked would do what you're wanting - it should be on the right by default.  I hadn't actually tested it with a First Person game, though.  UFPS or AC First Person?
  • I'm using AC First Person.
  • Works fine for me.  But you may have to place a camera in both the left and right fields, even if one gets overwritten by the First Person camera.  What does your Action look like?
  • I had both left and right fields populated with a camera. 
  • Stupid question possibly, but you're using 1.43?
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