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Dialogue/Conversation confusion

So there are times when I want a dialogue to go as follows:

This is a question, what is your answer?

-This is answer 1
-This is answer 2
-This is answer 3


So far, I am able to bring onscreen text with the dialouge:play speech. I am also able to create the answers with dialogue: start conversation. What I haven't figured out, is how to do both at once. Is this possible? I kind of wish they were a little more integrated and could use only one Unity UI Canvas. I may just be very dense and am completely missing the obvious, but I've read the documentation numerous times.


  • Try playing some speech in the background just before bringing up the conversation.  You can set a speech line to "Play in background" in the Action - this should cause both to display at the same time.
  • Perfect thanks! I actually just discovered that. However, in process of changing my dialogue: play speech from having a speaker to NOT having a speaker, I came across a possible bug. If I add a speaker through the inspector, I'm unable to remove/delete it so I can use it for narration. I have to create a new action in the editor and copy-paste my text. I haven't tried it in the action list editor yet though. 

    Using the latest version of AC.
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