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Cant change Default PlayerStart with Engine:Change Scene Settings

edited May 2014 in Engine development
So I got a cutscene which checks whether some variables are in red 1 or red 2.

I've setup my scene with a playerstart as default. I got another playerstart which is named "postintro". So after the intro cutscene plays, i leave the area with setting my variable red to 2.

When i comeback to scene, im checking my variable if its 2. If so, im giving a change scene settings: Default PlayerStart to "postintro".

In theory, this should work because i spesificly make character say a dialogue to see whether variable checking works. And it does. But i cant seem to make scene change playerstart markers.

Any suggestions would help.

Thank you


  • Have you attached a ConstantID script to the new PlayerStart?  You should be getting a warning if not.
  • I didnt see any warning in the console but will look out from now on. Also ConstantID ftw. I'll add them once again for sure.

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