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[BUG] [1.33b] Conversation options - DialogList size bug

edited May 2014 in Engine development
I've created 2 line of conversations in the begining of the game.

The problem is, unless you click the begining half or even a quarter of the line , the conversations are not being selected.

I checked all the sizes and positions are automatic. I can overcome this with selecting manual size and maxing the witdh of the line. But since its manual, if there are other lines longer than the maxed witdh of the menu, even if they are broken in to two lines, the bottom wont be shown (the manual height causes this).

Just wanted to give you a heads up


  • Thanks, but I don't understand what you mean by clicking the beginning half of the line.  Could you post a screenshot of the full Menu inspector when set to Automatic (so that it doesn't work)?
  • Okey here you go. This is when i set it as automatic (you can see at the bottom)


    And you can see what i mean by half or quarter by playing the web version.

    I specificly created  this demo so you can see yourself. The begining the character provides 2 lines. You have to select one of them.  If you click on the first few letters or few words than the conversion proceeds. If you click rest of the line, it simply wont proceed.

  • It's because your DialogList element's Size type is set to Automatic - you should find that the "cut off" point is the width of the preview box.

    Change the Size to Manual and it'll work.
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