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Pulsing highlight?

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I created a tutorial part where i'm showing visually how to interract with the game. In order to provide further visual clues, i want to be able to make hotspots or objects pulse with highlight.

I know we can high light hotspots. But it only happens if we click to them or come close to them. I'm not sure how to create this pulse effect on objects or in inventory.

Any help is apriciated.

Thank you


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    I think u can't achieve that in AC cause the script incoming with AC, as u said, higlight the object only on the mouse passage or detecting it if the player is near the hotspot (depends on ur settings). And in both of the case the object will stay higlighted. I think u need to run a custom script to achieve that
  • A custom action would be great to be able to cause various geometry to highlight similar to the hotspot highlighting. I too have many items in my scene that I need to highlight for tutorial purposes. 
  • Not a bad idea.  Will implement for 1.35.
  • Actually, just remembered you can do this already by using the Object: Send message Action.  Call the Highlight object, and you can send these three custom messages:
    • HighlightOn
    • HighlightOff
    • Flash
  • Works great! Thanks.

    Maybe adding a way to let it loop until it's turned off would be neat. Just a thought.
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    Oh cool. So we can do it? I tried what you said Chris.

    I could'nt manage to do it but this could very well be due to it happening too fast for me to see it (since as Joshuabogart mentioned, there isnt a loop option, and it will go as long as you duplicate the same actions again and again).

    Also how can we implement the same technique to inventory objects?

    thank you
  • You can't currently.  I may have to write a dedicated Action for that.

    Does the HighlightOn not work for you?  It shouldn't need more than one call.
  • Write a dedicated action and I'll give you 3 and a half high fives, I'll even throw in a bologna sandwich.
  • Done for 1.35.  Works with inventory items, too.  I can't take sandwiches over the interwebs, but I do accept asset reviews ;)
  • Hi, quick q on this. Is there a way to call all hotspots in a scene to pulse or do you need to write an action list object send message for each hot spot?
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