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Bug: Clickmarker/navigation point, more than one touchscreen input

edited March 2014 in Engine development
Hey Chris

just to let you know that when using a touch-screen device,  if more than one finger taps the screen, the navigation destination point and click-marker interpret the click to be midway between these points.  This is true for single or double click inputs.

Could it be set so that, if more than one touch is detected in a given input phase, the navigation/click-marker do not trigger?

Obviously, it would also have to be that any current click-marker/navigation destinations already in progress dont get destroyed on a subsequent multi-touch input.

Thanks, as always! :)


  • Well, at the very least, it shouldn't be calculating the mid-point!  Thanks for the discovery - I will investigate.
  • Thanks Chris

    just to clarify my bug report for your investigations, that this is when two or more fingers touch the screen at the same time, the calculated point is then mid-way between these

    thanks for looking into this!


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