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Force Aspect Ratio and moving inventory

I am using force aspect ratio (1.77) to have my game display correctly on both iPhones and iPads. It gives the iPad black bars on top and bottom which is what I wanted. But now I am wondering if it is possible to manually move the inventory to the top where the black bar is. I'm guessing the system thinks that 0,0 begins where the image begins and not the top of the screen. Thnx


  • If you set an aspect ratio, AC menus will not be able to show over the black bar - because this ensures they'll be visible at all resolutions.

    You should, however, be able to make use of Unity UI for your Inventory menu, as AC's aspect ratio code is ignored by the Unity UI system.  Check out this tutorial for working with Unity UI, or if you're using the default AC Menu, simply change your Inventory menu's Menu Source property to Unity Ui Prefab, and it should then rely on the default Unity UI Inventory menu.
  • Thanks Chris, will look into that.
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