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Main Player won't switch animations

This will be a newbie question. I have followed the 2D tutorial several times but using my own animation files. My player moves left and right but he only uses Idle right animation and never switches to the walk animations. I tried different settings but no progress... plz help.



  • Everything looks correct - at least what you've shown in your screens.  But it's not clear if this is down to the Animator not playing, or the animations inside them not working.

    Select the player's Animator Controller and view it while running the game.  Are the correct animations running in the window, or is it only ever the idle clips?
  • I selected the player in the hierarchy and opened the animation window. In the drop down list I played all the animations and they look right. When I run the game, the animator windows always stays on Idle regardless of where he walks. 
  • Does he at least face left and right correctly with the idle animations, or just to the right?  Also, any warnings in the console?
  • No he never turns, and there are no errors in the console. 
  • edited April 2015
    and the animation assignments show up when I select the child of the player object not the player. right?

  • You mean the Animator component?  That can be on either the Sprite child, or the root object, but having one on both will cause problems.  Where is yours?
  • Animator is assigned to the sprite child "Idle_R".
  • Nothing else for it.  PM me your full player prefab, animations included.
  • The Issue is I had an animator component on the root and child of the player object. Resolved by removing the animator component from the root object. 
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