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Custom Animation problem with Unity UI (1.44b)

Like I said in the official topic, I have some problems with Custom Animation (Unity UI) in 1.44b version.

It worked well with the Version 1.43a:


And now with 1.44b, animation works the first time, but the second time...:


I have the same problem with another element (again, the animation bug the second time), and it also adds a problem with the sensitivity for the activation area, when the mouse is over (some glitches):

1.43a (it's ok)




My animator :


I don't know if it's the best way, initially I was testing with "OnInstant" for the opening animation, "On" when the menu is open, "OffInstant" for closing animation, and "off" when it's closed. No transition in the animator. But it wasn't working, only the ON and OFF animations were used. So I reversed the names ("On" for the opening animation, "OnInstant" when the menu is open, etc.) and I made a transition between "On" and "OnInstant", "Off" and "OffInstant".
I don't know if this is the problem (I tried other options, not better, unless you remove the off state from the animator)...but it worked perfectly with the 1.43a ...

Any idea?


  • Your change is correct - the "Instant" states are for when the UI is fully on/off, not transitioning.

    1.44 changed it so that UI gameobjects are now fully disabled when they're off (as opposed to simply disabling the canvas component) because it was discovered that UIs were still navigateable even when deactivated.

    As I said on the release thread, my own tests found no trouble, but clearly there's something wrong.  I think you'll have to PM me your two UIs so that I can test with them myself.
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