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Stop Sound Object from playing

edited May 2014 in Engine development
So i got a scene which when walked upon, triggers one of the many songs (engine : play sound). The songs are pretty long. I got other trigers around when walked upon, disables most hotspots etc and i need to also stop the songs playing.

I got many sound files so i created Sound Logic files and put them all under one Sound Logic file called on_off. How can stop all of them at once?

I treid Engine: PlaySound and used On_Off clip to STOP but it didnt work.

I'm currently using Engine:Run ActionList  firing up a intteraction that stops all playsounds one by one. This is a rather long and hard way of achiving this but i guess its the only way for now.

Would it be possible to stop and affect child added to sound files just like object visiblity can be added to sprites.

Thank you.


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