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Default character SFX

Hey Chris - is there a way to play a sound per NPC when you engage in coversation with them? Like zelda or okami? 



  • If you're using Mecanim, you could use an Animation Event. But no: not within AC - though you could write a custom Action to do this.
  • Cool - couple of other random questions.

    1. Can you play sound effects with the inventory mouse over event? It seems that its 'always on' and just waits for the mouse.

    2. Is the "IsTalking" set as a bool? If so - can I change it to a trigger so it only plays once? 
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    1) Mouse over what, exactly?  Please elaborate.

    2) No, it's only a bool.  You could hack this though by clearing your "Talk bool" parameter from the inspector, and opening Speech.cs.  Insert this into line 62:

    speaker.animator.SetTrigger ("MyTalkTrigger");
  • I'm using the mouse to detect the inventory menu at the top of the screen. I want there to be a sound effect when the menu opens. Which is possible when linked to a button press. 
  • But you can also play a sound when the menu turns on, by defining an ActionList when turn on asset in your Inventory menu's properties - would this not achieve the same effect?
  • It doesn't seem to when I test it out
  • Never mind I got it.... :/
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    Have you by chance been able to move a character to another through animation? I know it has something to do with the root but there are so many settings in mecanim I cannot seem to get it to work. I know that in Unity 5 they added moving with root motion, but I have tried seemingly every option with no luck.

    I remember you saying you don't work with mecanim much, but any thoughts?
  • Sorry, what do you mean by "move a character to another"?  I've been using Mecanim quite a bit recently, and my own game is relying on root motion.  I've been using the Humanoid animations in Unity's Standard Assets package, which come ready-made for root motion, so you might want to look into playing around with those to get familiar.
  • Sorry - typo! I meant, moving from one position to another through animation. A ladder climb for instance. When I play the ladder animation, even with root on, the character resets to the original position. 
  • If you character isn't moving along a Path, and has no Character Controller component, then AC won't try to manually move him.  How are you playing the animation, exactly?
  • I'm just playing it through mecanim. So in the animation, (using cat rig) I have the character actually moving through space (not in place) down the ladder. Apparently, CAT does not have a root bone, so I added one myself making sure that root bone is driving the movement in the animation. 
  • I don't know how succesful it'd be, but you could try attaching the Moveable component, so that you can use the Object: Transform Action to manually move the character over time.
  • Yeah...that's not a safe solution. This has been a problem for a long time. Root movement was added to Unity 5, I just want to know what the proper protocol is for this. It's driving me nuts!
  • Root movement as opposed to root motion?  Sorry, I don't know what you mean there.  Is this an AC problem or one with Unity?
  • Sorry I mean Root Motion. :D I don't know where the issue lies exactly. 
  • My own game uses root motion, but Unity really has a problem with playing non-root motion animations on a root-motion character.  My solution was to have a non-root-motion instance of the character, that I swap out whenever I need it.
  • Thanks Chris.

    Btw - I have an icon that pops up over a hotspot, and a text menu label that pops up on a trigger. It seems that 2 menus cannot display simultaneously. Any thoughts?
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    I would need more detail than that to answer. Screenshots of the menus in-game and their properties?  In a new thread, please.
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