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Is there a way to have Onscreen Text without the use of Dialogue?

I'm wondering if there is a simple way (I'm guessing through the menu system) to simply display onscreen text along the way. It would be ideal to have it go away once an arrow prompt has moved you to the next cutscene. It's worth noting that pretty much all interaction is just a long series of cutscrenes. 


  • If you leave the "Speaking Character" field blank when using the Dialogue: Play speech Action, it'll be considered a Narration line.  Narration lines can be displayed on their own Menu if you wish - when a Menu's Appear type is set to "When Speech Plays", you have an option for which kind of speech it's used for.

    But for full control - yes, Menus and Labels are the way to go.  You can show/hide individual labels by using the Menu: Change state Action.
  • Hmmm. The only problem I see here is the sheer amount of labels I would have to create in the menu system. I'm talking like over a hundred on-screen text fields. I need to figure out how to somehow write an action that just pops up a text box and pulls a line of text from an xml file. You could just set the variable name in the action to decide which string to pull from the xml. 
  • For sure, that sounds like a need for a custom Action.  You could integrate it with the Menu system by using it to set the display text of a Label element.  If you didn't need the XML file you could do this quite easily:

    MenuLabel labelElement = (MenuLabel) PlayerMenus.GetElementWithName ("The menu name", "The label name");
    labelElement.label = "My new text";

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