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Memory Leak switching cameras

edited June 2014 in Engine development
Hi there,

Developing and testing my game I have noticed every time I switch to a new camera (I'm using crossfade) The next camera view fills up the memory a little bit more. As I'm making a 2D point and click game I'm changing cameras a lot to move around but after ten or so camera changes the iPad 2 I'm testing on runs out of RAM and crashes the game. 

Is there a way to free up memory after the camera has changed to another camera?


  • I'll look into it.  The 1.34 update focuses on performance, be good to fix any issues like that.  I expect there to be a performance hit during each crossfade, but there shouldn't be one afterwards.
  • Just thinking. The memory leak isn't because I duplicated the same
    camera and renamed it. Rather than creating a new 2D Camera from the
    game editor window? 
  • The GameCamera2D?  Shouldn't make a difference - the memory spikes in-game, rather than the moment you create a new camera, correct?  I'm assuming the memory leak is the full-screen texture that the MainCamera pastes over the screen during the crossfade.  Unless you can see that the leak's source object is indeed the GameCamera.
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