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Live switching of Interface settings

Is it possible to change the interface settings during gameplay? I'm trying to make a game that for the most part is Direct control, relying solely on the keyboard, but when the player holds down shift (or if necessary, a toggle) it switches to a point and click style. For example, imagine Link w/ his ferry, where you can switch to controlling the ferry, which is the mouse cursor. Hope that makes sense (and that it can be done)...


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    Not in the interface, for the moment, but you should be able to do this with a manual script.  In C-sharp:

    AdvGame.GetReferences ().settingsManager.movementMethod = MovementMethod.Direct;
    AdvGame.GetReferences ().settingsManager.movementMethod = MovementMethod.PointAndClick;

    Try it and see if it works for you.  Put each line into a separate function, attach the script to a GameObject, and you'll then be able to call each function using the Object: Send Message Action.
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