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Small bug with text scrolling in 1.46?


Again, thanks for adding per-character text scroll sound, it's a great help to my project - I'm just wondering whether it may have caused a small bug. I have my text scroll speed set to 90 in the settings, but since updating to 1.46, even though narration text is still scrolling at this speed, I've found that player / NPC text scroll speed is now slower, at something like the 50 mark. Is there something I can do to change that?

Many thanks!



  • The 3D Demo seems to run at the same rate it always did.  Can you not just increase the text scroll speed further to compensate?  I'm not sure why v1.46 would have such an effect - that section of code was left alone.
  • That works! Thanks @ChrisIceBox! It also might just be my computer being slow, though it wasn't doing that before the update. It works fine when I increase the text scroll speed, in any case :)
  • Sorry to bring this subject back from the dead, but it seems that text scroll speed is influenced directly by the game's current framerate. I had a (very) quick look at the code, and from what I could tell it's handled through calls to Update(), i.e. slowing down with degrading frame update rates.

    Is this on purpose? Wouldn't it be better to have it update independently from the framerate?

    Again, only spent about 30 secs looking at the code after noticing the effect while running on a really old system to test scene loading speeds, but made a note to myself to investigate ...
  • Just did a quick test on a slow(-ish) old laptop. The text scroll speed is very obviously different in the 3D demo scene (new project with only AC imported) when I switch the QualitySettings between "Fastest" and "Fantastic" when playing in the editor.
  • Good spot.  I'll look into this myself.
  • Fixed in 1.47 - that was fast!

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