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Low poly rigged character for first person game on iOS

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I am beginning to create a first person, touch input game using Adventure Creator to run on the iPad. The AC manual indicates you still need a character prefab even though the character will never be seen, I guess so you can use the bones to pick things up, etc. I plan on using a Mecanim based character with the standard animations of idle, walk, and run. Since I do not possess the skills to model, rig, and animate my character, I am looking for the least expensive rigged character since it's a first person game and will never be seen. I have found a free Locomotion Starter Kit from unity that appears to have the animations but I am having trouble finding a basic low poly rigged character with no more than 30 bones. I would appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thank you.


  • When it says you still need a prefab, it doesn't mean you need a model to go with it!  You can create an "empty" Player prefab from an Empty GameObject.  Add the Rigidbody, Capsule Collider, Player and Paths scripts (and the First Person camera as a child object - see this tutorial), and you'll have an invisible Player!
  • Oh that is sweet! Thank you for setting me straight on that Chris. This obviously saves me a ton of time and money. I am still discovering the power of Adventure Creator! Keep up the great work and excellent support.
  • Hello,

    I am making a game with the same system as this. I managed to get the player and camera following the first person tutorial but the mouse cursor input (CursorHorizontal and CursorVertical) are not working, not turning the player around which is making the player only walking front or sideways..also when clicking somewhere with the cursor the player does not move to the clicked zone.

    Can you hint me on the right direction? I have both cursor inputs there with "Mouse Movement" X and Y axis but it does not move the camera / rotate the player.

    Another thing is that in the tutorial it says to disable the Camera option in the created camera (inside the player prefab) but if I do this the camera is fixed on the top and does not move..
  • It's likely that your cursor isn't locked.  When in First Person, you can toggle between locking the cursor in the screen's centre (to allow free-aiming with the mouse) and unlocking it (so that you can click on Hotpots without changing the view).

    In the Settings Manager, check Lock cursor on start? within the Interface settings.  To unlock it during gameplay, define and use the ToggleCursor input.

    As for disabling the Camera component, do it!  As the tutorial states, AC needs for there to be only one active camera at a time.
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