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New jump feature in 1.34 available in touch input mode?

edited June 2014 in Engine development
I am creating a 3D first person touch input game targeted for the iOS platform.  I have setup a First Person Prefab using the Mecanim animation controller and I do have a jump animation.  I was wondering how to configure the input axes to utilize the new Jump feature.  If this is not possible for Touch Input, can I use engine:manage systems and disable input in Adventure creator and use a 3rd party touch asset for input?  If so, are there any recommendations on which touch asset will work best with Adventure creator?  I was looking at Finger Gestures, touch.input, and EasyTouch.  Thanks for any guidance on this.


  • I'll do this officially for 1.35, but you can enable the Jump feature for touch-screen by going to PlayerInput.cs, and moving the closing brace '}' on line 581 up to line 572 (above the 'try' command).

    You'll then be able to create an on-screen button that acts as a jump button.  Create a Menu, add a Button with a click type of "Simulate Input".  Entering in "Jump" in the input field should do the trick.
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