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Character 'walking on the spot' after walking through dialogue trigger


I've set up a trigger which causes my player to say a line of dialogue on entering it. I'd like the line of dialogue to play in the background (I've ticked this option), so that the player can carry on walking around as normal as the line is said. However, after walking through the trigger box, the character will walk to the last place that the player clicked and then 'walk on the spot' until the line of dialogue is over - this happens regardless of whether I've selected the option for it to play 'in the background' or not.

How do I make it so that walking an navigating isn't interrupted by the triggered dialogue?

Many thanks!



  • Try setting the When running field of the Trigger itself to Run In Background.
  • Thanks so much for your quick reply, @ChrisIceBox - I was sure that would work! But unfortunately I just tried it and the problem persists.
  • You'll need to post some shots of your set-up, in that case.  Check that your Trigger is set to run On Enter, rather than Continuously.
  • image

    Thanks so much, Chris! Yeah it's set to run On Enter.
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