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[Feature Suggestion] Play Speech - Delay

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Hey there.
I would like to suggest a feature, a delay timer for the play speech action, so you can stack them. 
I know you can use the engine: pause game action, but this will pause the game and you can't interact meanwhile. 

I am using play speech with triggers for some narrative elements (in first person). So you walk somewhere and then play speech get triggered. I would love to stack more then one play speech on one trigger so I can display more text. And I can't use pause game, because the player should be able to move while the narration. 

Right now I am simply using more triggers, so a few feet away from the first speech trigger, there is another. But it gets a bit messy over time.



  • Have you tried to run your action list for the trigger in the background? Then your Engine: Pause game actions wont interrupt gameplay:


  • edited June 2014
    I agree this would be a useful addition!

    I wrote an action much like this, and it supports a start and end delay. The end delay supports a negative delay which lets you overlap audio; our dialogue sounded more like a natural conversation as a result.
  • I like the idea of a "negative delay".  Will have a look.
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