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Upgrading to latest version of AC has stopped pathfinding from working


Thanks again for the great asset. Unfortunately, on updating to the latest version of AC, my protagonist can no longer walk to points on the navmesh - he'll just walk on the spot, sometimes sliding down or to the side a tiny bit, but never being able to move far from the playerstart. Has anyone else encountered this and found a fix?

Many thanks!



  • Any error messages in the Console that might shed some light?

    Did you switch back to your game's Managers after the update?  You need to find your ManagerPackage file in your game's folder, and click "Assign Managers" in the Inspector (see section 1.6 of the Manual).
  • Thanks for your reply, @ChrisIceBox. Unfortunately, no unusual Console errors to provide any clues. I did indeed switch back to my game's Managers.

    I actually encountered this problem another time before I updated my version of AC; I created a new project to make another game and had exactly this same walking issue, and ended up basing the game on my existing project to get it to work. 

    I'm still on Unity 4.6.3, is the latest version of AC compatible with it? Could this be the issue?

    Thanks again

  • image

    The only console message I'm getting is that the playerprefs are loaded. I made this little test scene to see what was going on: the game is correctly identifying where I'm clicking and correctly calculating a path to the destination, but the character is just walking on the spot / sliding a little in one direction but not moving towards it :/ the player movement settings are in the screenshot as well.

    Thanks again for your help Chris!
  • The screenshot is tiny and incomplete - please post again with the Animator component included.

    Does the 2D Demo work as expected?  It's best to compare with a game we both have access to.
  • Hi Chris - really sorry about that, I didn't realise the screenshot didn't expand to the original size and quality of the image. I've emailed you larger screenshots with the info you've asked for (at least, I hope I have - please let me know if I haven't sent the correct information)!

    The 2D Demo is working as expected. I've compared with my game and unfortunately not found the difference that is causing the problem.

    Kind regards,

  • Just in case anyone stumbles across this thread in future with the same problem - Chris has given me the solution to this, the problem is that I had the 'apply root motion' box checked in the animator controllers for the characters, and I needed to uncheck it.
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