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How to create camera first person ( but not moving ) ...

edited September 2015 in Technical Q&A
i want camera stand in postion and it can rotate like this game :

i try to create a new game wizard but camera can't rotate ....


  • Seems very much like the Physics Demo, the source for which you can download here.

    Essentially you'll want to use a GameCamera Third Person, which is available in the Scene Manager's list of prefabs, and set it up so that it can be drag-controlled.

    For a real-world example, download the Physics Demo and open the included Office scene.  The camera named "NavCam" in your hierarchy is the one you'll want to copy from.
  • Thank Chris !
    I tried it , look good but the camera pivot wrong ....
    i want the pivot camera in the root ... it look like first person
    how i can do it ?
  • Try reducing the Distance from target (i.e. the pivot point) to zero.
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