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Version 1.48 - Inventory properties, loading UIs and a ton of fixes



  • @cheliotk: I've seen this error myself - are you using Unity 5.2?

    The message'll be fixed in the next release, though you can make the correction yourself in the meantime by opening up MenuButton.cs (it's in /AdventureCreator/Scripts/Menu/Menu classes), and replacing line 222:

    uiButton.interactable = state;

    with the following:

    if (uiButton != null) uiButton.interactable = state;

    (Code snippets can be inserted by showing a post's source and inserting code tags manually, but I'll look for an easier way).
  • @ChrisIceBox: thanks for the fix, the error is gone now. I encountered this on Unity 5.0.0.
  • Critical error found for those building to iOS, in which inventory data isn't restored from save game files properly.  Version 1.48b has been submitted, expect it out shortly.  For those not building to iOS, you can ignore this one.
  • I'm still encountering a camera restore bug on my 2D iPad game. If you load a saved game from another scene, the camera is not restored properly and won't follow the player. If someone else is doing an iOS game, maybe you could test this? 
  • Hi, 
    I am following the 2d tutorial and I get stucked in the Navigation Mesh, my NavMesh 2D doesn't have "attempt to move around..." but instead of "ignore collisions".

    Does anyone know how to fix it?
  • @tomriddle1403: You're using v1.48?  That option will only appear in the NavigationMesh Inspector if you have the following settings in your Settings Manager - check that they're the same for you:
    • Camera perspective is 2D
    • Moving and turning is Unity 2D
  • edited October 2015
    Yes, I am using v1.48b, but I already fixed the problem magically. Thanks!
  • I am making a 2D platform game and want to use the navigation controller in the PlayerScript.

    I want to move only in horizontal direction with keyboard but the player is always move away.

    I tried hours to figure out the problem but I couldn't. I wrote the script by myself then. But it would be nice if I know how to fix it in Adventure Creator.
  • If you're making a platform game, you're better off using your own movement script and integrating it into AC.  A tutorial on custom motion controllers can be found here.  However, try removing the "Vertical" input axis, as this is what's used to control up/down movement.

    In future, please post general questions in Technical Q&A.
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