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Navigation through cutscenes with forward and back arrows.

I'm trying to figure out how involved it would be to create a navigation menu with AC's menu system. My interaction is simply navigating forward and backward through a series of cutscenes. Currently, I am using arrow prompts to do this. With that said, I will end up creating about a hundred different arrow prompts in order to do this. There only needs to be two buttons, forward and back. Although thinking about it, it might also be beneficial to have a pause/play button as well. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • I'd definitely suggest using Menus rather than ArrowPrompts for this.  If you create a Button, you can set it's click type to Run ActionList - with this you can handle whatever needs doing through Actions.

    If you'd rather rely on Actions that are within a scene (as you are with ArrowPrompts), you can place an Engine: Run ActionList Action in your asset, to run an e.g. Cutscene in your scene.

    To pause the game, you could try turning on a Menu that's set to Pause when enabled.  Even if it's invisible, it merely being enabled should be enough to pause the game.
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