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Playmaker action for AC

In AC have action connect to call the event in Playmaker
but i try to find the action in playmaker can connect to AC
any one help ?


  • First create an empty (or not) GameObject and assign it the "Action List" script from AC. Set up whatever actions you'd like.

    Then, in PlayMaker, create an event "Send Message". Choose "Specify Game Object" and drag in or select your Action List GameObject. Delivery is "Send Message"; Options is "Don't Require Receiver"; Method Name is "Interact"; Parameter is None (or specify as necessary, but I'm not sure how to set that up).

    Once you've got two-way communication between AC and PM, you'll be in heaven. It takes some getting used to, but it's incredibly powerful once you're comfortable with the way of doing things. I don't yet know of a way to call in asset-based Action lists, though (it seems to only want prefabs), so I don't know if it's possible to use parameters.
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    Hi Geometrix
    i know your idea , it look like send a message from Playmaker to the script in AC for it can run.... right ?
    but i stuck about :
    "create an empty (or not) GameObject and assign it the "Action List" script from AC"
    how i can assign empty object to "Action List" ? i need to write code ?
    i know don't about code so i can't create a script for AC ....

    current my solution for this is :
    1 : create a "Cube" game object in unity
    2 : set the Cube is Player in AC
    3 : create a new trigger in AC
    4 : in this trigger i create the "Interactions" i want to work
    5 : when i want this "Interactions" run with playmaker  ,i just use playmaker move the Player "Cube" to the "trigger" in AC , then it will work :d
    i know this is look like a trick but it work ....

  • All of AC's ActionList objects (Cutscene, Trigger, Interaction, etc), derive from the base ActionList class, so yes - Triggers will also respond to the "Interact" message.

    @Geometrix was just suggesting you add the "ActionList" script component to an empty object, but you can achieve the same just by creating a "Cutscene" prefab using AC's Scene Manager.  I would recommend using that instead of a Trigger, because Triggers will also be detecting collisions to trigger it's Actions (hence the name).  A Cutscene will be better for performance and less prone to running inadvertently.
  • great Thank chris and geometrix
    i use Cutscene and Interact it
    it work!
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