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Adding an editable Label to a conversation menu

I am trying to create dialogues with titles to help the user to identify the topic of dialogue options.

I edited the convertation properties and added a label on top of the dialogue list.

but i cannot make it editable in the conversation script, another choice woud be to at least automaticly assume the parent of the conversation

Is there a way to do this?


  • You can use Variable tokens to do this.  Create a Label as normal, and then use variable tokens to change the text within it.

    Inserting [var:2] into the label's text box will mean it's contents will be replaced with the value of your Global Variable with an ID of 2 (for example).  This means you can create a new String variable, change it's value with the "Variable: Set" Action, and the label's text will then be replaced with the same value.
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