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Impossible to play simultaneously two assets ActionList

edited June 2014 in Engine development

All my actionList are based by asset but because only one MonoBehaviour (RuntimeActionList) can play them, it is not possible to play simultaneously two or more asset action list.
So the action EngineRunActionList by asset doesn't work if an asset action list is calling it.

Please fix this by setting a pool of RuntimeActionList for example.


  • It is in my todo list.  However, in the meantime be aware that you can also set up Cutscenes and other scene-based ActionLists to run asset files instead of local Actions.  When used in this way, you can have more than one asset playing at once.
  • OK thank you for the reply. I will check for cutscenes but I don't want to use scene-based actionlists in my game because of versioning problems when you work with others people.

    Do you have an idea of when this could be available ?
  • It'll be in the for the next update.  Likely next week.
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