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GUI size and resolution

edited June 2014 in Engine development

I would like to know how is processed the size of GUI elements. As I understand, if all is set to automatic, the size shown on screen is the same as the original size of the sprite.

I saw in your code that you are using height and width of actual screen device but I didn't get the way.

In NGUI for example, you can set a certain height (800px for example) and depending of your actual screen resolution, all your GUI assets are scale (your 32 px sprite will stay at 32 px if your screen is 800 px height but this sprite will be 40.96px if your resolution is 1024). This way your sprite will stay visible if your resolution is too high. Is it possible to do that in AC ?



  • Yes: just set your Size parameter to Absolute - it works for both Menus and Elements inside them.  When set to Absolute, they'll be the same size regardless of screen resolution.
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