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What am I doing wrong?

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I thought I was on the right track but after this latest update I find some things stopped working for me and I can't figure out why. Here's a list of things I really need clarity with.

Hotspot Labels - When I mouse over now the hotspot label that appears is cut off. Example "Barrier" show up as "Barr" and "ier" is on a line below but you can only see that if you shrink the font way down. 

Actions - I made a switch character button that worked perfectly, now it doesn't work anymore? Not sure what changed, it seems to be all the same coding in the action list. 

Follow up, what is the best way to make a consistent button that appears in each scene? Make it a menu element? I want the same character switch icon in the corner of every scene in the game. 

The animated cursor, what does it do? I have an animated arrow that kind of stretches out and back in again. When I set it to animate it doesn't play it like you'd expect, it almost looks like its zoomed in and you can only see a portion of the arrow moving. If I set it to the normal single frame only arrow, it looks perfect. 

Here are some still images of my issues -

Lots of questions, sorry! I'm still green with Unity and AC but I love it so far, just want to make sure each of these is User error and not a weird engine bug. 



  • No problem, Jay.

    Hotspot Labels - Be sure to set your Hotpot menu's Size to Manual.  When used to display Hotspot labels, AC will keep the fixed width but adjust the height automatically.

    Actions - What doesn't work, specifically?  The switch character action wasn't changed lately.

    Follow up - Create a dedicated Menu for your in-game button.  See the demo game's "InGame" Menu as an example - you'll generally want to keep it's "On appear" setting to During Gameplay, saving you the need to manually hide and show it (though you can still lock it off when you need to with the Menu: Change state Action).

    Animated cursor - The system expects you to provide a texture that contains each frame of the animation arranged horizontally.  Supply the texture, enter in the correct number of frames and it should work.
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