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Using Item when on direct control - keyboard or controller questions

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So I've set up a scene with direct control, keyboard or controller.  So far I've got as far as being able to pick up an item, open the inventory (pausing the game) and look or use the item from the inventory.  My first problem is whenever I look or use the item from the inventory the game un-pauses which is fine but if the player was walking he will carry on walking..  I've tried the player constrain but it doesn't work from the actionlist.  My second problem is I can't seem to be able to use an item on a hotspot.  I want to be able to press the use button on an item from the inventory as before but if your in vicinity of the hotspot then they will do a different action.  For example like in Resident Evil games, you had to be stood in front of something to use the item on it.  Either that or maybe being able to hold the item (not physically) but show something on the screen to show your holding it then use it on a hotspot.  


  • 1) Do you mean that the player character will continue to walk even when no input is being given?  That's a bug, if it is.  Otherwise, you can use the Character: Move along path Action to make the Player stop.

    2) You can't change an Inventory interaction based on the player's vicinity to a Hotspot, but what you can do is create an Inventory box that shows the currently-selected Inventory Item.  Use the Menu Manager to either create a new menu (or use an existing one), and inside it create an InventoryBox element that's Inventory box type field is to Display Selected.  This will give the player a visual indication of the currently-selected item.
  • The character does stop moving using your method but the animation still plays.  I've tried setting the animation to idle but it has no effect.  Anyway I have used a work around, I will show an image of the item on screen when the player looks at it and this way the game will pause and nothing will move.  Thanks Chris. :)
  • I've fixed the bug reported in 1) for the next update.
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