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Hints, warning help flash -menu?

Could it be possible to introduce a Hints/warning/help menu, 
with the flexibility of a conversation menu? (were we can create dialogue options on the fly directly conected to the conversation menu)
instead of pre building actionlists

kind like if we wanted to recreate the  Walking dead game (it would be alot easier to be able to just type diferent texts in the same menu for the many hints that show up in the game, or for example in the physics demo)

Do you get my point? like appear type  - hint - with the same structure as a conversation, without having to manipulate the conversation appear type menu, or go via gigantic and confusing actionlists


  • This is already possible by using Variable tokens and ActionList parameters.

    Create a new Global Variable of type "PopUp", and create an entry for each tutorial hint you want.  You'll see a field called "Token", which will be a string that, when placed inside a Menu Label's text box, will be replaced with that variable's value.

    For example, a Variable of ID 2 will have a token of [var:2].

    Then create your hint box, and place the token in your Label's text box.  Then, to show the correct hint, you'd create an ActionList that uses:
    • Variable: Set to set the popup's value to the correct hint,
    • Menu: Change state to show the Menu
    • Engine: Wait to wait a moment
    • Menu: Change state to hide the Menu

    But what about when you want to show a different hint?  Instead of making another ActionList that has a different "Variable: Set" Action, you can use ActionList parameters to change that variable's value dynamically.

    A tutorial on parameters can be found here.  Create a new Integer parameter in your ActionList, and then link it to the value you're setting in your "Variable: Set" Action - you can then change the value each time you call this ActionList with ActionList: Run.

  • Super, I will give it a world
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