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Update Issues 1.50a to 1.50g


we have a relativly small project and updated from 1.50a to 1.50g we did it like the manual told us (removing the 2D and 3D demo project and the Resources -> references).

There are serveral problems we are facing now:

  • Our main navigation camera which follows the player had the Horizontal and Vertical Movement options locked, we had to manually unlock them again, the values were there.
  • The Sorting layer of our background was gone we needed to recreate it and assign it again.
  • Most of our 2d Polygon colliders from the Hotspots were converted into 2d Box colliders. This is my biggest pain point, if you have several levels this update would create an enormous amount of work due to this issue.
Now my question:

Did we do everything correct? And if yes why are there such updated issues?


  • Also in the sorting map the resize of the player is unchecked after the update.
  • Are you applying changes you make to your AC objects back to their original prefabs?  All of these problems suggest that's what's going on.

    Don't click "Apply" on the Inspector of any AC object from the Scene Manager unless you first create a new prefab out of it - otherwise, these changes will be overwritten when you update.

    However, you can tell Unity to not overwrite any changes you've made to the core AC prefabs by also leaving the "Prefabs" folder unchecked when you import a new version of AC.
  • Ok thanks for the feedback. Now i have updated from version 1.50g to 1.50i with just one problem, the sorting layer of the background which i have created was deleted can you tell me what file I have to omit to preserve my sorting layers?
  • The original prefab is /AdventureCreator/Prefabs/Navigation/SortingMap.

    If you only have a couple of SortingMaps at this point, I would recommend re-importing it and then correcting it in the scene.  So long as you don't click "Apply" on it again, you should be able to safely re-import AC without future errors.  Otherwise, you'll have to make sure you don't re-import this prefab ever again.
  • This is just another reason why I cant update. I have (accidently) updated AC prefabs ://

    no turning back now XD
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