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Dialogue questions/issues

Hi there,
So I've encountered a couple of challenges both relating to dialogue. I tried searching on my own with no luck:
  1. I have a basic situation where the player is talking with an NPC. I use carriage returns to break up the dialogue into multiple dialogue "subtitle" menu/windows (my dialogue UI resembles that of Wadjet Eye games, where a window appears in the top half of the screen). The issue I've noticed is that, when switching between lines of dialogue where carriage returns were involved, each split line of dialogue fades the subtitle menu/window in and out, as opposed to just display the next line within the same instance of that subtitle window. Curiously, when switching between the player's and the NPC's dialogue, the latter behavior occurs. (I have "Transition type" set to "fade" for that menu.)
  2. My other question is about dialogue character portraits. I'm wondering if I can flip the X axis of the portrait image to match the relative positions of the speakers involved. I spent a while looking for this but couldn't find any options for this. I'm wondering if I'm missing something or if there's an easy way to do this even if it's not a default option.
Thanks in advance!


  • 1. What do you mean by the latter occurs?  As in fading when the Player speaks and no fading when the NPC speaks?  Are you using Unity UI or AC for your Menu?

    2. The only way you could do that would be to change the portrait graphic itself, by using the Character: Switch portrait Action.
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    When switching between a line of dialogue between the player and an NPC, the subtitle menu window (I use a bg sprite) does not fade at all. The text simply changes. When progressing from one line to another on the same NPC dialogue which has carriage returns, the entire subtitle menu window fades in and out for each line.

    How can I have it so that the reverse happens?

    Almost forgot, I'm using AC for the menu.
  • There will be no fade if there's no delay between the NPC and Player dialogues.  You can add one easily by adjsting the Wait time offset (s) in the Dialogue: Play speech Action.

    Removing the fade between carriage return-separated lines is something I'll have to address in the code as an update.
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